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Quest’s Character Catalog, Treasure Catalog, and a surprise new edition of the game are coming in 2021

Hello, adventurers!

This is TC from The Adventure Guild, the makers of Quest. I’m excited to announce that our second Kickstarter campaign will be launching February 1st, 2021.

In February, we’ll begin the process of raising funding for the manufacturing of four major new products: two new books and two companion card decks.

We’re making a greatly expanded Character Catalog— up from 22 to 100 characters. The Quest Character Catalog will be a 6x9" hardcover book and a companion card deck with tarot-sized cards for each creature. The catalog is illustrated by Grim Wilkins, who provided all of the amazing color illustration in the Quest Game Book. All 100 characters will have a full-color illustration from Grim!

We’re also doubling the contents of the Treasure Catalog, with 100 brand-new items, from uncommon curiosities to magical artifacts of unbelievable power. The Quest Treasure Catalog will also be a 6x9" hardcover book and a companion card deck with tarot-sized cards for each item. The catalog is illustrated by Marianna Learmonth, who provided all of the wondrous illustration in Quest’s original treasure catalog.

The new decks will be in the same style and quality as the Quest Core Deck — with collector-quality magnetic-flap boxes, 350gsm tarot-sized cards with foiling, and full color. Our creature card and treasure card backs have each been redesigned to emphasize reading clarity.

We’ll also be making digital editions of all four products. As usual, those who buy the physical editions will receive the corresponding digital edition of each product for free.

Be sure to check the end of this post for an additional surprise announcement.

The Character Catalog

100 compelling characters, in a new book and card deck

The Quest Character Catalog will add 78 new characters to the game. These characters each come with their own story background, stats, special features, and descriptions that you can read aloud at the table.

From terrifying monsters to friendly companions and worthy adversaries, the catalog has a balance of menacing creatures to fight and characters worth chatting and developing relationships with. In addition to creature archetypes, the catalog includes a number of named characters who you can use to interact with the players in deeper ways.

A collection of 6 characters: The Aristocrat, The Tyrant, Fear Itself, Murder Hornet, Professor Prim, and Leaftide.

The Character Deck

Our character cards have been redesigned to add more color, with new border accents, a new, more readable layout, and symbols to help you quickly identify whether a character is a commoner, minion, or boss.

Here’s a brief introduction to some of Quest’s new characters, and a look at our new character card design:

The Shadow Broker is the head of The Agency: an interdimensional criminal group that operates a huge illicit market.
Archons are godlike beings who travel the omniverse. Their maigc crowns allow them to maintain their full powers.

Like our Core Deck, pictured below, the new Character Deck will come in a magnetic-clasp box with 100 full-color, two-sided tarot-sized cards.

The Quest Core Deck: a box with a magnetic clasp and two stacks of tarot-sized cards inside.
Photograph by James Bareham

The Character Book

The Character Book contains all 100 characters also contained in the Deck, but expands on them with additional written detail and a full-page color image of the character. All 100 characters will enjoy the same generous layout below, with character detail on the left side and portraits on the right.

A two-page spread for the Character Book with an image of the Windgeist and its descriptive information.

The Character Book will also contain additional information about how to create your own exciting characters and how to use them in your story.

We’re hoping our characters are so fun and interesting that you’ll want to bring them to other roleplaying games, too. Many of our characters are like little puzzles to solve, and are adaptable to lots of games.

The Treasure Catalog

200 wondrous and mysterious objects, including 100 brand new items

The Quest Game Book and Digital Edition come with 100 treasure items, and we’re doubling that amount for new standalone treasure products. Like the Character Deck, the Treasure Deck will contain individual cards for each of our 200 items. Each card will feature the original black card face with a foil imprint, while the card backs have been redesigned to emphasize readability.

Cards with extra white space at the bottom will now have all-new lore text to help enhance the flavor of items in the catalog. We’re writing lore text for cards across the deck, including for many of the original 100 items.

Here are some of our favorite new items coming to the Treasure Catalog:

Tea Time: a rare magic teapot that can be used to compel all creatures nearby to sit down for a cup of tea and small talk.
Randi’s Revealer: a magic wand once belonging to a legendary skeptic that can be used to dispel illusion magic.
A card for The End: a supreme magic weapon that’s capable of cutting down gods.

The Treasure Book

The Treasure Book will contain the full detail for all 200 items, including amazing new illustrations from Marianna. The book will also contain additional guidance about how to use items effectively in your story and how to create your own compelling magic items and curiosities.

Like the Character Book, the Treasure Book will be a 6x9" hardcover, printed with the same care and quality as the Quest Game Book. Here’s how the Treasure Catalog in the Quest Game Book looks for a glimpse at how the new Treasure Book will be designed:

A two-page spread in the Quest Game Book with names and descriptions for Legendary items.

We’ve been working on these catalogs for months, and we’re so excited to share more of what’s inside with you as we get closer to the launch of the Kickstarter in February.

New Kickstarter process

We’re doing things a bit differently this time after learning a lot about Kickstarter from our first campaign in 2018.

No stretch goals

We work best when we focus on only a few products at a time, which allows us to make sure they come out great. Stretch goals work for a lot of Kickstarter campaigns, but we’re going to concentrate on making the best characters and treasures out there, in products that we hope you’ll genuinely enjoy touching and reading. If our funding greatly exceeds the target, we’ll be able to work on even more things behind the scenes at our own pace and surprise you with new stuff, like these two catalogs.

Designed in advance to fulfill quickly

Since we’re writing, designing, and illustrating the catalogs in advance, we’ll be ready to go to with manufacturing as soon as the project is funded. We’re working with the same great vendors we worked with for our initial set of products. Rewards should be available in 3–4 months after the project funds, instead of 1+ years.

New reward fulfillment process

To make things smoother and more convenient, we’re changing how we fulfill Kickstarter rewards for the next campaign. Instead of collecting your address and flat shipping costs in advance, we’ll send backers a unique code to use in our store that will allow them to grab their reserved products whenever they’re ready. No more worrying about late reward surveys! Additionally, because fulfillment will happen through our store, you’ll be able to add additional products to your package when you redeem your Kickstarter reward. Finally, you’ll pay shipping costs accurate to your location at the time of reward fulfillment — allowing us to estimate our funding target more accurately.

Announcing Quest: Cosmic Fantasy Edition

We’re planning two Kickstarter campaigns in 2021. The second campaign, which will take place in the back half of the year, will be for our first major expansion: the Cosmic Fantasy Edition. This edition of the game is based on sci-fi and space fantasy, with seven exciting new roles, new role-neutral abilities, and a starship catalog.

The Cosmic Fantasy Edition will use Quest’s same core rules, but we’ll be adding a few new rules to drive storytelling in a galactic setting, including a starship system that allows you to modify your ship and use it like an extension of your role’s special abilities.

This edition will fully stand alone, and you won’t need any of Quest’s original products to play it. But because the Cosmic Fantasy Edition will use the same core rules as the original game (what we’re now calling the Classic Fantasy Edition), you’ll be able to mix and match all 15 of Quest’s roles. Yes — that means you can take your Invoker on a ship that travels the stars.

We’ll have a lot more to say about the Cosmic Fantasy Edition next year — stay tuned!

And more…

We’re also working on some other fun products outside of our Kickstarter campaigns that will appear directly in our store. These include:

  • Dice
  • Packs of fancy collector-quality character profiles & worksheets
  • Enamel pins with our original 8 role symbols, and a new symbol for The Guide
  • Our first short adventure from a third-party author

Thank you all for playing Quest. More adventure awaits!




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