A new card game from The Adventure Guild, coming in 2021

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We’re excited to announce our first new game since creating Quest.

Queens is a competitive guessing game for 2–4 players where rival armies clash in a bitter battle of attrition. Each army fights until their numbers grow thin, exposing their Queen to danger. When a Queen is revealed, they are conquered, and the last Queen standing wins.

Queens combines guessing and strategy with a hint of trading card-style magic. The goal of the game is to reveal all enemy Queens while keeping yours hidden. …

The first in a new line of accessories

Hello, adventurers!

We’re pleased to announce that we’re planning to add a bunch of accessories to our product lineup in the next year. The first of these are Magic Pins! We’re starting with nine pin designs, each representing one of Quest’s roles (including one new logo for The Guide).

Each pin will cost $9.99 and will be available when we launch our new website and re-open our store in December.

We’ll add to this lineup over time, including pins for some of our amazing treasure items. And we’ll listen to feedback from folks about new products they’d like to see from us.

Here’s a look at the new gear!

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A trio of funny games

Hello, adventurers!

Quest’s first big expansion is coming early next year, including 100 brand-new treasure items. Today we’re showing off a trio of rare items that the party will be able to use for group hijinks.

All of the amazing illustrations you see below are from Marianna Learmonth, who is returning to illustrate our new Treasure Catalog.

First, we’ve got Instant Clown: an item that instantly creates a madcap scene of cheesy mayhem.

An adventurer honks a horn, making everything nearby very clown-like.
An adventurer honks a horn, making everything nearby very clown-like.

Next, we’ve got The Game: the perfect trick to play on a group of NPCs that you want to stay busy for a while.

Quest’s Character Catalog, Treasure Catalog, and a surprise new edition of the game are coming in 2021

Hello, adventurers!

This is TC from The Adventure Guild, the makers of Quest. I’m excited to announce that our second Kickstarter campaign will be launching February 1st, 2021.

In February, we’ll begin the process of raising funding for the manufacturing of four major new products: two new books and two companion card decks.

We’re making a greatly expanded Character Catalog— up from 22 to 100 characters. The Quest Character Catalog will be a 6x9" hardcover book and a companion card deck with tarot-sized cards for each creature. The catalog is illustrated by Grim Wilkins, who provided all of the amazing color illustration in the Quest Game Book. …

Hello, adventurers!

I’m excited to say we’ve just released version 1.5 of the Quest Game Book. (The previous version of the game was 1.2.1) Customers will receive an updated download link in their email, and original Kickstarter Backers will be able to download the update in a Kickstarter project update.

We’re going to go into a little more detail than usual about the changes to the game today because we’ve made meaningful alterations to some of its content. An important note before we proceed: previous versions of the game are not broken. There are only a small number of mechanical changes, affecting about 7% of the game’s entire ability catalog. …



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